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One Remote Works with your all your systems

You can be sure your Harmony remote will work with what you own today and what you add tomorrow. From cable boxes and TVs, to DVD players and AV receivers, we support over 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices, and our online library of home entertainment devices grows every day.

Want to know for sure? Look up your devices.

Harmony remotes feature activity-based control that makes getting to what you want to do as simple as pressing a button. Want to watch something from your DVR? Play a DVD? Listen to your music player? Just press a single button or command and all the right devices turn on the way you want them to (online setup required). Harmony remotes are even smart enough to control different devices for volume, channel, playback controls and more, even behaving differently in each activity.

Explore the features for yourself.*

Every entertainment system is different. That’s why, whether your family needs simple control over a basic setup of four devices, completely customized command over fifteen components in a complex home theater or anything in between, Harmony has the perfect remote for your home. From the simplicity of the Harmony 300 to the Harmony 900, we’ve got your home entertainment system covered.

Find the right Harmony remote for you.

You don’t need to punch a code into your remote. Instead, you connect it to your PC or Mac®, go to, and tell us about your system. Our online setup software does the hard work for you, programming your remote for your home entertainment setup. Plus, if you need any extra help during setup, help is available when you need it.


Say goodbye to that drawer full of remote controls or universal remotes that have failed you before. Harmony remotes let you control all the functions of your devices, so you can do things like adjust the volume, change screen sizes and access video on demand with one remote.

With easy-to-use sculpted buttons, Harmony remotes are designed to be simple for everyone in your home to use. The buttons on the Harmony remote have been organized into logical zones, making it easy to find the function that you're looking for. And many Harmony remotes feature buttons (and touch screens) with backlighting, so they’re easy to use even in the dark.

*Get a feel for what makes Harmony different – but each Harmony remote is different, too. Not all the features described here are available on all our remotes.

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